Ariana DeBose

( real )

Alias: Ariana

The Why:
Ariana is just a stunning representation of what it means to be a good human. All while being amazing singer, dancer, actor! Her speech at Human Rights Campaign is my mantra that I listen to at least once a week! I spotted her as the Bullet in Hamilton (on Disney, not lucky enough to see in person) and now she is just every where! I can't get enough.
Origin: North Carolina
Power: Activist, Artist
Reign: 1991 - present

Favorite quotes:

💥 Angela Basset did the thing!

💥 If I am the first of anything, it means I will not be the last!

💥 You find yourself living in the grey spaces. I promise you this! There is indeed a place for us!

💥 You see an openly queer Afro-Latina, who find her strength in life through art!

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